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If you are seeking help improving your physical function and returning to pain free movement, Core Personal Fitness’ athletic therapy services may be a great option for you. Our certified athletic therapists work with individuals of all ages and abilities, and can help you make changes that work towards your goals. Whether you are looking to improve your daily activities, recreational pursuits, or participate in high-level sport, our team can assist you. Contact us today to book an appointment and see how we can help you reach your goals!

Why Work With an Athletic Therapist?

Enjoy Being Active

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy being active, and our Athletic Therapy services are designed to help you do just that. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get back to being active again.

Reduce Risk of Injury

Our athletic therapists can assess your individual risk factors and create a personalized plan to help you stay healthy and safe. We can also provide treatment for injuries, to help you get back to your activities as quickly as possible. If you are looking for a way to reduce your risk of injury, consider working with an athletic therapist.

Feel Confident

Allow our athletic therapists to help you feel confident by providing you with the tools and resources you need to improve your physical fitness and movement. We can also help you stay on track with your fitness goals by providing support and guidance when needed.

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Feeling sore? Let us help.

 Talk to an Athletic Therapist Today

If you are looking for help getting back to your favourite activities or reducing your risk of injury, Core Personal Fitness can assist. Our athletic therapy services have a proven track record in helping people improve their physical function and movement. Contact us today to book an appointment and get started on the road to recovery!

What Our Clients Say

"Ryan was instrumental in changing my view of working out. I went in to Core Personal Fitness thinking I would try a few session with a personal trainer and see what happens. Well from the first work out Ryan had me pushing myself. I was so sore for the first few days but he made me want to come back for more. Two months later I am in better shape than I have been in years. I am now going to a gym on my own and still pushing myself to improve my fitness level. I plan on going back to see the crew now and then and have Ryan help me improve even more. Thank you Ali for the first initial consultation your easy going personality was what made me choose your gym in the first place."

Victoria Airport Authority: Workplace Wellness Program

"We decided to offer our staff at Victoria Airport Authority an opportunity to work with a personal trainer during our annual ‘Healthy Workplace Month’ of October. After researching various trainers in Victoria, we were confident with choosing Core Personal Fitness based high recommendations from a few different sources. The majority of our staff utilized both a Health and Wellness Consultation in conjunction with a Personal Training session. The feedback from all of our staff was very positive. Ryan was friendly, professional and provided a wealth of information for each individual. He was patient and understanding of each of our staff’s different levels of fitness and special requirements. He was always able to demonstrate an alternative for those who had physical limitations. While working with our more advanced staff such as fire fighters who are required to maintain a high level of physical fitness, Ryan was able to incorporate new and challenging training programmes into their daily routines to help them achieve their goals.

Everyone felt comfortable working with Ryan and very much enjoyed their sessions. We have had several requests to bring him back again and we absolutely intend to do so.

It was a pleasure to work with Core Personal Fitness and we would highly recommend them to anyone, at any level of fitness!"

"I used to say that I was allergic to exercise. I hated going to the gym, and when I did engage in physical activity I didn’t enjoy it at all. I didn’t know how to go about doing the exercises properly, and I didn’t have the physical ability to do even simple activities like a lunge or jumping up and down.

I started working with Lindsay twice a week, and she has literally changed my life! Over the last three and a half years I have become confident, strong, and, more importantly, I have learned to love my time in the gym! I went from not being able to do two pushups from my knees to regularly deadlifting the weight of a fully-grown person, from not being able to jump at all to running an 8k race. I couldn’t have done it without Lindsay and the rest of the team at Core.

The entire team at Core is knowledgeable and fun, but most of all they are kind. Having a personalized program means that I can focus on my own goals, with someone who shows no judgement, who can solve problems as they arise, and who can look at me and confidently say “I know you can do this!” Training with someone who has so much theoretical knowledge and practical background means that I have avoided injury while simultaneously pushing myself further and further, and have actually ENJOYED myself at the same time! The best parts of my workouts are when I say “I didn’t know I could do that!” Thank you so much, Lindsay, and the entire team!"

Anna Trelford, Firefighter, Victoria Airport Fire Department
"Ryan trained a diverse group of staff members at the Victoria Airport Authority during Health and Safety month. I was fortunate to have two personal training sessions at work, three which I won in a contest with Ryan at Core, and two on my own at Core. The initial consultation thoroughly covered what my needs were: strength without injury. Ryan’s combination of professionalism, enthusiasm and knowledge was greatly appreciated with the challenging and viable workouts he gave me. His ability to test/push me provided some great results without injury which I did not know I could obtain at the age of 46. This was very rewarding personally and very crucial for my job. I highly recommend Ryan for a challenging, fun work out in a well equipped facility…..I will be back! Thank you"
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